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          Welcome to our newsroom - get access to information and multimedia resources about Bristol Myers Squibb. Current and archived releases and publications are available.

          Stan Krystek, continues to help other co-workers learn about the Bristol-Myers Squibb support programs available for all employees facing a serious diagnosis.

          When Employees Are Patients

          How does it feel when those who work for patients every day become patients themselves? Some of our colleagues discuss their own patient journeys.

          Corporate Publications View All

          Annual Reports

          Annual Reports

          View Bristol Myers Squibb Annual Reports from 2004 to present.

          2018 Global Citizenship Report

          2018 Global Citizenship Report

          Learn about how we’re working for those who rely on our medicines, those who live in our communities and those who work for our company.??

          Company Snapshot

          Get an overview of our company facts, financials and leadership team.

          Company Facts

          Learn about our company statistics and leadership team.

          Bristol Myers Squibb by the Numbers

          Review our financial performance and shareholder information.

          Research Pipeline

          Get an overview of our research focus and current pipeline.