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          SURVIVORSHIP - TODAY - What it's Like to Live with Cancer

          Episode 4: Relationships Afterwards

          Relationships Afterwards

          Episode 4

          Relationships Afterwards

          Against the Odds

          Episode 3

          Against the Odds

          Healing the Mind

          Episode 2

          Healing the Mind

          Overcoming Barriers

          Episode 1

          Overcoming Barriers

          Today, more people who are diagnosed with cancer are able to live with the disease.

          Despite this progress, research is only beginning to understand how cancer impacts us over time.


          Of the nearly

          17 million

          cancer survivors in the U.S. today, only 15 percent feel very prepared for life after treatment.


          "I’ll always be grieving for the life that could have been if it weren’t for cancer."

          Rebecca, Two-Time Cancer Survivor

          40 percent

          of caregivers for people with cancer find their role to be emotionally difficult.


          "In some ways, Rebecca’s cancer has brought us closer and, in some ways, it has driven us apart."

          Robert, Rebecca’s Partner

          If you or someone you know is living with cancer, these resources may offer helpful information and support.

          Patient & Caregiver Resources
          Young Adult Resources
          Resources Near You

          "I'm emboldened by the idea that cancer may cease to be a death sentence in my lifetime."

          Sterling K. Brown, actor, TWO-TIME EMMY AWARD WINNER


          "There's no cure for multiple myeloma. I'll be living with cancer for the rest of my life."

          Donna, Living with Multiple Myeloma


          "All I knew about cancer was death, and I didn't want to hear it."

          AJ, Stage 4 Lung Cancer Survivor


          "Physically, I'm cancer-free, but mentally, I'll never be the same."

          Justin, Men's Health Advocate and Cancer Survivor

          A person who has been diagnosed with cancer may be

          twice as likely

          to experience mental health issues compared to a person without the disease.


          "In order for me to be healthy, I knew I needed to share my story."

          Amy, Advocate and Breast Cancer Survivor


          "Where I'm from, there's still a lot of shame around cancer."

          Bin, Advocate and Cancer Survivor


          "People assume that when treatment is over, you're fine. Survivors know a different story."

          Sara, LCSW-R, Senior Director of Programs, Cancer Support Community


          "Cancer has played a role in every decision I've made."

          Jamie, Diagnosed with Breast Cancer at Age 27


          1 in 4

          cancer survivors report a decreased quality of life due to physical problems.


          "The thought of recurrence is always with me. I'm always waiting for that other shoe to drop."

          Ryan, Childhood Cancer Survivor